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311 Day: Live in New Orleans


311 Day: Live in New Orleans

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DVD Duplo especial da banda 311, no show que aconteceu no dia 11 de março (3-11 nos EUA) de 2004, cujas apresentações nesse dia já se tornaram tradição. A cada 2 anos fãs do 311 ao redor do mundo viajam para curtir esse evento. 311 Day - Live In New Orleans, 2-DVD's contém mais de três horas de imagens do concerto ao vivo - incluindo todos os hits clássico da banda e mais raridades, b-sides, capas e mais. O DVD também inclui um olhar por trás dos bastidores. Foi filmado ao vivo na Arena Lakefront das Nações Unidas em Nova Orleans.

The Songs -----

(Set One)
* (Introduction & Coverage on the streets of New Orleans)

* (A quick view of 311 Backstage)

1) Freak Out

2) Reconsider Everything

3) Taiyed

4) Come Original (Dead on it folks - Amazing!)

5) Do You Right (Happy Slamdance Song)

6) Homebrew

7) Love Song (Almost, (If not) Better than The Cure's version)

8) Jupiter

9) Eons

10) Beyond The Gray Sky (Amazing!!!!!)

11) Offbeat BareAss

12) Large In The Margin

13) Galaxy

14) Gap (B-Side Song)

15) Flowing

16) Use Of Time (Oh my God Amazing!!!)

17) Visit

18) Other Side Of Things

19) Sweet (From The Blue Album)

20) White Man In Hammersmith Palais (An Unbelievable Clash Cover Song)

21) Amber (Amazing!!!)

22) Paradise

23) Life's Not A Race

24) Welcome

25) Applied Science

26) 8:16 AM (Simply Amazing Folks!)

27) Champagne (Bring out The Bubbles, Bubbles! - Amazing!!)

28) Freeze Time

29) Sever

30) Stealing Happy Hours (Beyond Amazing, Unbelievable!)

31) T & P Combo

32) Cali Soca (Amazing - Instrumental)

33) My Stoney Baby

34) Purpose

35) Summer Of Love

36) Seem Uncertain

37) You Wouldn't Believe

38) Lose

39) Unity (311 is down for The Unity!)

40) Hydroponic

41) Feels So Good (P-Nut, Beat That Bass!!!!!)

(Set Two)
42) Creatures - (It's been exactly 3 hours & 11 minutes at this point)

43) Lucky (From the Grassroots album)

44) Random (Court Jester & Dracula? Sounds random to me!)

45) D'yer Mak'er (Led Zeppelin cover - Amazing! Would make Robert Plant bow down to 311!!!!)

46) Running

47) Starshines (From the transistor album)

48) Beautiful Disaster (Amazing as if it were off the CD!)

49) Juan Bond (Think of it like a Mexican James Bond)

50) Crack The Code

51) Outside (Special guest Zach Hexum (Nick's brother), #1 poll song from the audience - Zach plays the Saxaphone w/ 311 - Amazing!!!)

52) Don't Stay Home

53) Nix Hex

54) Light Years

55) Sick Tight

56) Let The Cards Fall

57) Right Now

58) Don't Dwell

59) Sometimes Jacks Rule The Realm (Live premeire folks - Amazing, couldn't imagine a better performance here!)

60) All Mixed Up! (And they weren't mixed up at all!)

61) Omaha Stylee (Where 311 is From (Omaha)).

62) Down

63) Who's Got The Herb? (Fire it up with 311!!!!!)

64) Fu*k The Bullshi* (There was only one thing left to say! And they said it here folks!)

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