A Paper on Murder by Girl Students

19 - nineteen - Joshidaisei satsujin repôto

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Two became friends after killing the lover boy.
New sensual suspense story by the real college girl!

Kaori (Keiko Takai) and Natsumi (Naomi Miyaji) go to the same university. They met for the first time after learning they had the same boyfriend (Toshimori Katsumi). Their boyfriend, Naoki, was a gangster. He blackmailed Kaori with a sex video and forced her to help him with credit card fraud, while tempting Natsumi with sweet words at the beach aiming for the landing patent of Natsumi's mother's apartment. Kaori and Natsumi were upset that they were tricked and conspired to kill Naoki. They developed a strange friendship as they dismembered Naoki's body.
Kaori and Natsumi went by car to the sea where they planned to scatter the remaining bones. But Kondo and other yakuza learned what they did and chased after them. What is the ending of the escape for life and death, love and friendship?

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22 de Outubro de 2005
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