Absolutely Fabulous: Gay


Absolutely Fabulous: Gay

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Bubble is now Eddy's maid and Bo and Marshall are running a Christian television station. They inadvertently let Eddy know that her long-lost son Serge is gay and living in New York so,with Patsy,who is heading there for the fashion week,she ends up in the Big Apple. After a visit to GUFF,a gay drop-in centre,they locate Serge but have to pretend to be Lesbians and undergo a civil wedding for their information. However Eddy is disappointed to find that,like Saffy,Serge is a shy,bookish type though she hits it off with his extrovert boyfriend Martin. The quartet 'do' fashion week and visit a bar,which Patsy burns down after dancing on the counter,leading to their arrest. Returning to London Eddy makes up with Saffy but tells her that she has disowned Serge and adopted Martin instead.

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27 de Dezembro de 2002
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