Broken Identity


Broken Identity

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Mark Anderson, a decorated US elite Sniper in Irak signs up for one last tour against the plea of his pregnant wife Helen, a CIA field agent stationed in Uzbekistan.
While in Iraq, she loses the child in a tragic car accident.
Anderson falls apart. Mistakes four civilians for insurgents killing them at a check point. Once discharged he drinks his life away in the Middle East, not able to face his wife in the states. A former private security agency deployed from Iraq hires Anderson for a CIA covert sniper job at the Afghan Border. With nothing to lose he goes on a death defying mission he is not supposed to survive. Set up as part of a political chess game he becomes the most hunted man in the region. Anderson is forced to erase his indentity and disappear in the wilderness of the Afghan Mountains. Years later he returns as the most prolific crime lord in all of Central Asia. Hunted again by his own country and now his former wife Helen the CIA’S leading field agent.

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