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C.S.Lewis, Beyond Narnia


C.S.Lewis, Beyond Narnia

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Readers and fans worldwide know the land of Narnia and the magical beings that dwell there. But few know the genius who created this beloved fantasy. Now meet C.S. Lewis, an extraordinary creative force, in this engaging true life story, filmed in Oxford, England where he lived, worked and imagined The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and the other tales that make up the beloved The Chronicles of Narnia. Learn more about his personal life and how his genius emerged from a love of fantasy and youthful imagination. Writer-director Norman Stone uses both documentary, as witnessed in poignant interviews by friends, family and Lewis scholars combined with dramatic interpretation to give viewers a full understanding of Lewis´ life. Inspired by profound love and loss, most notably shown by the death of his great love poet Joy Gresham, it becomes apparent that his legendary stories were drawn from a provoking and artful existence.

Estreia Mundial:
9 de Dezembro de 2005
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