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  • Five minutes of pure cinema - Reino Unido da Grã-Bretanha e Irlanda do Norte
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Henri Chomette - older brother of Rene Clair, created 15 films, starred in 5, was an assistant to Jacques Fader. However, in the history of cinema, he came primarily as one of the authors of the idea of ​​pure cinema, which is reflected in two of his works: "The game of light and reflections speeds" (1925) and "Five minutes of pure cinema" (1926). He died in Morocco in 1941.

Henri Chomette wrote that he was creating films in which "the image next to each other not as phrases in the story, but as a musical phrase Suite". Chomette, in principle, not denying various forms of cinema, believed that not all of them are still open. In his article" The second stage " ("Cahiers du moi», Nr 16-17, 1925), he wrote that there is only "a representative cinema, including two subspecies - documentary and fiction." Chomette called for the creation of a new movie - "specific movie or pure, separated from all the drama or documentaries, foreign elements.

"He called the traditional movie illustrative narrator anecdotes, trying to put their ideas into practice -" Five minutes of pure cinema "," The play of light and velocity " - divide and prominent Film theorist Pierre Port, devoted several articles aesthetics of "pure cinema". "

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