Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds


Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds

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There are two Earths: our Earth, a place where Magic and Demons are things of folklore and legend, and Dark Earth, a dimension created at the height of the Roman Empire by the Sorcerer Aramas using the Tether, a powerful device of his own creation. His intention was to exile magic and usher in a new Age of Man. His plan almost succeeded.

The Tether, the key to keeping the dimensions separate, has remained hidden on our Earth for two millennia. Now it has been found in a small northern town by Nacelle, a Demon Underlord. Sckraab, his lord and father, plans to use the Tether to open a permanent portal across the Void between the Earths and conquer both worlds.

Before the Demons get to the Tether, a young miner, Nathan Mallstrom, stumbles upon the artifact during one of his shifts. Caught in the imminent battle for the Earth’s future, Nathan joins with Summer Vale, a super soldier with Demon DNA who is dealing with her own clouded past. The two, along with Nathan’s sister Gwen and Summer’s sidekick Bulo, try to unlock the mystery of the Tether and fight to protect the world from a Demonic army.

Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds is the story of heroes and villains. What it takes to be one or the other and the fine line that can change which side you are on.

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