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Dead Man Running


Dead Man Running

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Média geral 2.0
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Hounded out of the Agency after a clandestine operation went awry, Kal McNeil now works from the shadows, dispensing his own brand of brutal justice with his partners, Reese Wincott and Mitch Braddock. However, everything is not as it seems, because the CIA still makes use of Kal's abilities, through his contact, the beautiful and enigmatic Natalie Lundstrom. In fact, they've hinted to Kal that perhaps someday, he will be brought in from the cold and reinstated as an undercover operative. Until then, he and his pair of guns-for-hire accept the contracts which allow them to do what they do best - take down those that prey on the misery of others: kidnappers, arms dealers, murderers, and any one else who poses a threat to the innocent. Always with shit-eating grins, of course. Because Kal, Reese, and Mitch love to kick ass

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