Demon Is On The Island

Le Démon Dans L'île

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A young attractive lady doctor trying to recover from a personal tragedy arrives at a somewhat secluded French island community to work her sorrows away. But a funny thing starts happening just after she arrives -- Local citizens have increasingly dangerous accidents involving otherwise mundane household appliances or objects: Coffee makers shoot scalding water, wine glasses shatter and splinter into mouths, electric carving knives strike back at their operators, razors start chopping away masses of flesh, a microwave oven teaches a chef to keep her cotton pickin' fingers to herself, and finally a small drum of cooking gas explodes, claiming two lives. Our heroic & somewhat neurotic young doctor senses that the accidents are connected, somehow, and tracks all of the deadly appliances to a local general merchandise store, where they were all purchased brand new just before turning on their would have been owners. Further intrigue involving a sinister local physician, a deformed kid, a well-informed Atari computer which doesn't appear to have Defender installed on it, and the indifference of the local population all add to the mix, with our young heroine becoming increasingly hysterical & convinced that some sort of other-worldly influence is at work.

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