Drama Special - Happy! Rose Day


드라마 스페셜

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Canal: KBS • Episódio: 1 • Duração: 1h 7 min.

The first story
Living company MD Ga-Young (So Yu-Jin) begin to work with her ex-boyfriend Do-Hoon (Kim Do-Hyun) in the same office. Ga-Young has been married for the past five years. Do-Hoon blames himself for past mistakes asks Ga-Young to start over again. This moves Ga-Young's heart.

The second story
Ga-Young's husband Chan-Woo (Jung Woong-In) runs a small neighborhood cafe. Chan-Woo then gets involved in an accident. This brings him close to A-Reum (Ahn So-Hee), who runs a flower shop instead of her sick mother. Her unexpected behavior embarrasses Chan-Woo, but he is attracted to A-Reum.

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