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Dreams of Damanhur - The Temples of Humankind


Dreams of Damanhur

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In 2005, filmmaker Keith Busha found himself drawn to Italy to view and film the art of a unique, largely unknown community. He found their extensive and extraordinary art to be only a very small piece of a story that consumed him for years. After many trips and much research, this self-proclaimed, road weary skeptic opened his eyes and mind to the wonders of this enlightened and innovative community.

This film, originally about art, became a multilayered journey into the heart of a new and growing civilization that must be seen to be believed. A society where nothing is impossible and where there are no limits to what can be done.

To tell the story, Keith assembled an accomplished team, including:

Lori Butterfield, Emmy Award winning writer and producer.
(National Geographic, Discovery Channel)
Duane Empey, Emmy Award winning cinematographer.
(National Geographic, Discovery Channel)
Gareth Harvey, Emmy Award winning producer.
(National Geographic, 60 Minutes)

Explore the enormous complex of subterranean, art-filled temples, hand dug inside of a mountain. Listen to plants that play music with humans. Visit their science labs where new sources of food and energy are being developed, and listen to music sung in their own recently created language.

Hidden doors and secret passageways are the norm when moving through this world of constant surprise and amazement. Come see for yourself, as layer upon layer of this enchanting and visionary community are revealed.

Estreia Mundial:
12 de Julho de 2005
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