El Loro y El Cisne


El Loro y El Cisne

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In his new film, Alejo Moguillansky baldly and skillfully articulates the world of dance –specifically, the shooting of a documentary about a series of ballets– with the story of a break-up and a romance.

After getting dumped through a long letter, the separation of main character Loro begins. Slowly and throughout the film, his ex-girlfriend collects her things from their old apartment. During the record of ballet companies and the dance-theater group Krapp, Loro meets Luciana, a dancer with whom she establishes a good relationship. Shortly after that, Luciana shows up with a big pregnant belly, and their relationship grows. One day, Luciana quits rehearsals and leaves. That’s when Loro starts dancing, declares to be in love, and decides to go look for her in San Francisco, Córdoba.

There is here an undoubtedly shrewd view that profoundly and originally wonders about a series of processes: the creative one in the rehearsals of the dance and theater companies, the work-related one in the filming crew; the one of development and growth in the pregnant woman; the break-up process and, finally, a couple’s process of falling in love.

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