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While staying in Budapest, Sebastian de Souza and Benjamin Lebus bought a Super 8 camera and a 3 minute roll of film. They came up with an idea, but needed to find an actress to star in it. Coincidentally Evelyne Brochu was also staying in the city at that time. They got in contact with her and she decided to get involved.
The film is a conceptual piece, based on the story of Plato's Cave. Evelyne (played by Evelyne Brochu) has spent her life in this post apocalyptic, derelict world. She spends her life acting in a way that we would expect a human being to act if it weren't for the everyday demands and needs in a capitalist, modern day society.
She firstly satisfies her physical needs, and then gives thanks for the food she has received. Following this, she expresses curiosity about herself and her existence, and then expresses her creativeness by making basic sounds and markings. Finally, at the end of the film, she is questioned about her world; asked whether she believes there is anything more, whether the world in which she lives is not actually the full reality. In this way the film is closely related to the allegory of Plato's Cave.

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