GG Allin & The AIDS Brigade: Live In Boston


GG Allin & The AIDS Brigade: Live In Boston

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This DVD features a live performance from GG Allin & The AIDS Brigade at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA from August 27, 1989. Also included is footage from various band rehearsals, pre-show make-up session, Merle and GG jamming and more. Bonus footage includes two 1993 shows from GG Allin & The Murder Junkies at Under The Rail in Seattle, WA (May 26: GG sets the stage on fire and defecates before the first song) and The Roseland Theater in Portland, OR (May 27: GG sets the stage on fire again and gives himself a turkey baster enema). This is the vintage GG Allin you've come to know and love!
"By the summer of 1989, GG Allin had been kicked out of nearly every bar & club in the Boston area. Meanwhile, the AIDS Brigade was trying everything possible to do a one time only show. We booked this show and had to dress in drag so we could disguise GG and get him into the bar that he had been banned from just a few months earlier. On August 27th, GG Allin & The AIDS Brigade played this legendary one time show at The Middle East Cafe in Cambridge, MA. - (Merle Allin)'' This DVD documents Merle and GG jamming, band rehearsals & make-up session prior to the show, as well as the full set from that night.

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19 de Outubro de 2010
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