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Gotou Yuuko

Nomes Alternativos: 後藤邑子

4Número de Fãs

Nascimento: 28 de Agosto de 1980 (37 years)

Aichi, Japan

Gotou Yuuko, born August 28 in Aichi, is a Japanese voice actress who works for Production Baobab. In direct contrast to her cute-and-vulnerable moé typecasting, Gotou in real life is a devotee of biker culture who dresses and acts as such when not working, right down to her motorcycle. This is parodied in the 23rd episode of Lucky Star, in which she appears as a masculine Bousouzoku-styled caricature of herself called Gottouuza-sama.

Her hobbies are: motorcycle, reading, traveling and drinking. Her bloodtype is O.