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A group of high school teens steal a van full of music equipment and pretend to be a rock band, called "Truckstop" (played by the band, Rodan) in order to stay on the road. When the band starts playing gigs, their sound is largely inconsistent and incoherent, however, over time, the band becomes increasingly competent in their musicianship. The film puts much emphasis on the indie/alternative rock subculture.

Many indie rockbands such as Polvo, Grifters, Freakwater, Versus, Slant 6, Rodan, Unwound, Helium, Sleepyhead, Crain, and Ruby Falls are featured in the movie. Members of Rodan and The Grifters play in the movie as well as actors. The movie appeared in a small run on VHS, but is sold out for years and became a collectible item on eBay. In 2007, the movie was re-released and has since been available on DVD. A soundtrack of the movie appeared on Matador Records.

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