Hoodz: Lil' Wayne - The Best Rapper Alive Raw & Uncut


Hoodz: Lil' Wayne - The Best Rapper Alive Raw & Uncut

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Hoodz DVD presents Lil Wayne - "The Best Rapper Alive." As always, Hoodz DVD brings us on a journey through America's urban streets. Shot in high quality video and film with a documentary style, Hoodz DVD Magazine delivers reality with a cinematic like arch as we witness life in the different hoods across America. Check out Lil Wayne uncut and uncensored not only as he shows, but also proves why he has been dubbed the "Best Rapper Alive." Filled with non-stop action, Lil Wayne along with Birdman tear down the house from the hood to the stage and you get to see it all firsthand! Even Weezy superfans will get to learn more as he keeps it unfiltered, speaking personally about his life while demonstrating his passion for music as Rap's top dog. Witness live performance laced with exclusive "Classic Hoodz" interviews where Lil Wayne talks about his rise to the top and his struggles with success. Watch from beginning to end and learn more about why this King of the South, who began his career at the age of twelve, is thirteen years deep in the game and hasn't even peaked. As an added bonus, this DVD is also packed with Exclusive Trailers from the forthcoming editions of "The American Hoodz Series" where the Hoodz DVD team tours the Most Dangerous Streets of America.

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