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In der Welt habt ihr Angst


In der Welt habt ihr Angst

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Music student Eva (Anna Maria Mühe) has fallen head over heels in love with musician Jo (Max von Thun). The couple have a burning passion for one another and discover that they are able to communicate without auxiliary means, even across great distances. Their love is so great that Eva even follows her boyfriend into heroin addiction. But now this has to come to an end: Eva is pregnant and the two of them plan to go cold turkey in the solitude of New Zealand.

Evas father, conservative choirmaster and organist Johannes (Hanns Zischler), denies them financial support and breaks off all contact. There is also little hope of raising the money from other sources. In their desperation Eva and Jo spontaneously decide to rob a shop. In a panic Eva strikes the shop owner dead, while Jo is arrested by the police and ends up in custody. Eva can escape with the shop owners pistol, however, and wanders through Bamberg. In her despair she maintains an internal dialogue with Jo, whom she feels more connected to emotionally than ever before.

Classical scholar Paul (Axel Prahl) and his wife Gisela (Kirsten Block) meanwhile have other problems. They are facing the ruins of their marriage. By accident Eva enters their apartment and takes the couple hostage with surprising consequences Tom (Johannes Allmayer), Evas deeply hurt ex, is also reactivated and suddenly seems to do whatever is required to make the New Zealand dream possible for the expectant mother and her boyfriend.

Estreia Mundial:
3 de Março de 2011
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