Kabuki: O Japão Em Cena


Kabuki: The Path Of The Flowers

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In the four centuries of its tumultuous existence, Kabuki has become one of the leading symbols of Japanese culture.
The Kabuki in the countryside pays tribute to the spirits of nature, it is gradually dying out, but the last actors cling to the tradition with an endearing energy.
Hayato is a member of one of these amateur Kabuki theatres.
For the first time he brings his two sons to Tokyo to show them a Grand Kabuki performance.
Heir to a dynasty of famous actors, seventeen-year-old Kazutaro Nakamura is making his debut performance on the stage of the prestigious Kabuki-Za in Tokyo.
To prepare, he depends on advice from his father, Kanjaku, and his grandfather, Tojuro, who pass on their acting style from generation to generation.

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