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Kaseifu wa Mita! Part 1


家政婦は見た!Part 1

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At one glance, Sawagura Nobuko is a unsociable dumpy looking housekeeper. However, she is actually a very beautiful and classy lady, but due to a traumatic experience, she now disguises her good looks behind nerdy black-rimmed glasses and frumpy looking hairdo. Nobuko has been assigned to be the housekeeper for the Uehara family who manage a cosmetic surgery clinic. Nobuko is actually hired at a whopping sum of 2mil yen per month by Nakamura Akemi, the illegitimate child of the patriarch of the Uehara family, Hidemitsu. The household of Uehara comprises Akemi, and Hidemitsu's two other sons, Natsuo and Yuijiro, and their respective wives. Natsuo and Yuijiro are actually half siblings, and they are both currently in a power struggle to succeed Hidemitsu, who is past retirement age.

Natsuo and Yuijiro refuse to acknowledge Akemi as their sister, and had filed a paternity lawsuit against her, so as to ensure that Akemi will have no claim to the family fortunes. Hidemitsu is actually very fond of Akemi and would like to have her stay by his side. Thus, to outwit his sons, on the day that the lawyers draw up the papers to disown Akemi, Hidemitsu announces his upcoming marriage to Akemi! Unfortunately, Akemi is kidnapped right after that, and Nobuko, whose disguise was seen through by Akemi immediately and had pledged her allegiance to Akemi, has to rescue her...

Estreia Brasil:
2 de Março de 2014
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