Lesnaya pesnya. Mavka


Lesnaya pesnya. Mavka

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The story revolves around a forest nymph, and is based on legends and folklores of the Carpathian region.

The traditional view is that Mavky live in the woods . In Galicia place of settlement mavok find Carpathians . Mavky symbolize the souls of children who were born dead or died unbaptized. They often appear in the form of beautiful young girls dancing and singing lured young men into the woods where zaloskochuyut them to death and chopping their heads. To save a baby shower, you had to throw up Yule Trinity kerchief, to name and speak, "baptize you," and fell rescued soul to heaven. If the soul survived to seven years and did not get to heaven, the baby turned into a mermaid or a Nymph people and inflicted damage."

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