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15 Great Movies That Use Architecture Brilliantly

Source: http://www.tasteofcinema.com/2016/15-great-movies-that-use-architecture-brilliantly/

Cinema and architecture have always had a special relationship, because of the way in which they explore ideas using the dimension of space. Architecture in cinema can carry numerous symbolisms, and urban alienation can be the stage in which the action takes place, or be the main protagonist in silent but highly meaningful sequences.

Architecture, with its levels, its curves, its shapes and its dimensional contrasts with the human figure, can create visions of power and fragility and can bring sentiments of decadence or grandeur, of a surging future or a fading past, as it can be a mirror of the condition of a society. The metaphorical and social implications of a particular architectural landscape are matchless and can easily be explored by cinema in purely visual sequences.

Read more: http://www.tasteofcinema.com/2016/15-great-movies-that-use-architecture-brilliantly/#ixzz4R8eWiwye

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  1. Antonio Gaudi (Antonio Gaudi)

    Antonio Gaudi

    4.1 10
  2. A Grande Beleza (La Grande Bellezza)

    A Grande Beleza

    3.9 406
  3. Vive l'Amour (Ai qing wan sui)

    Vive l'Amour

    4.1 15
  4. Kontroll (Kontroll)


    3.9 16
  5. Ano Passado em Marienbad (L'Année Dernière à Marienbad)

    Ano Passado em Marienbad

    4.2 119
  6. Um Homem Com uma Câmera (Chelovek s kino-apparatom)

    Um Homem Com uma Câmera

    4.4 147
  7. Alemanha, Ano Zero (Germania, Anno Zero)

    Alemanha, Ano Zero

    4.3 57
  8. Daqui a Cem Anos (Things to Come)

    Daqui a Cem Anos

    3.6 17
  9. Holy Motors (Holy Motors)

    Holy Motors

    4.0 586
  10. A Oeste dos Trilhos (Tiexi Qu)

    A Oeste dos Trilhos

    4.7 2
  11. A Queda da Casa de Usher (La chute de la maison Usher)

    A Queda da Casa de Usher

    3.8 43
  12. Juventude em Marcha  (Juventude em Marcha )

    Juventude em Marcha

    4.1 3
  13. O Deserto Vermelho (Il Deserto Rosso)

    O Deserto Vermelho

    4.1 61
  14. Hotel Monterey (Hôtel Monterey )

    Hotel Monterey

    4.0 1
  15. Surface Tension (Surface Tension)

    Surface Tension

    3.6 0