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Lista criada por Francisco Nqatsi nqatsi

Open Movies da Blender Foundation [WIP]

Open-source films (also known as open-content films and free-content films) are films which are produced and distributed by using free and open-source software methodologies. Their sources are freely available and the licenses used meet the demands of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) in terms of freedom.

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  1. Elephants Dream (Elephants Dream)

    Elephants Dream

    3.3 7
  2. Big Buck Bunny (Big Buck Bunny)

    Big Buck Bunny

    3.5 33
  3. Sintel (Sintel)


    4.4 63
  4. Tears Of Steel (Tears Of Steel)

    Tears Of Steel

    3.5 15
  5. Cosmos Laundromat (Projeto Gooseberry) (Cosmos Laundromat (Project Gooseberry))

    Cosmos Laundromat (Projeto Gooseberry)

  6. Caminandes - Llama Drama (Caminandes - Llama Drama)

    Caminandes - Llama Drama

    4.1 2