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Lista criada por Raphael Takita raphaeltakita
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Slice of lifeish stuff

slice of life (plotless everyday life)
A slowly paced story that portrays a "cut-out" sequence of events in a character's every-day life. It may or may not contain any real plot, and often has no exposition, action, conflict, or denouement, with an open ending. It could be said that the story has no point, except for introducing viewers to characters that they can empathize with. Even if the setting is not realistic, what is presented is always the kind of ordinary, every-day life that anyone could have within that setting.

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    Era uma Vez em Tóquio

    4.4 134
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    Agora ou Nunca

    3.7 19
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    Forrest Gump - O Contador de Histórias

    4.5 3,4K
  10. Underground Fragrance (Di Xia Xiang)

    Underground Fragrance

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    A Ilha Nua

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