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Lydia Lunch: Video Hysterie - 1978-2006


Lydia Lunch: Video Hysterie - 1978-2006

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Lydia Lunch first rose to notoriety as a member of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, a band whose music was confrontation and willfully abrasive even by the standards of the New York punk scene, and they became one of the pioneering acts on the experimental no wave music scene. After Teenage Jesus broke up in 1979, Lunch went on lead the bands Beirut Slump and Eight Eyed Spy before distinguishing herself as a poet, novelist, photographer, performance artist and actress while collaborating on a long string of genre-defying and taboo-shattering musical projects. Lydia Lunch: Video Hysterie 1978-2006 collects a handful of live performances featuring Lunch and her many musical co-conspirators; in addition to live sets by Teenage Jesus and the Jerks and Eight Eyed Spy, this includes footage of Lunch singing with Die Haut and Shotgun Wedding as well as performances with Rowland S. Howard, Mark Cunningham, Terry Edwards, Ian White and many more. Songs include "Orphans", "Sorry For Behaving So Badly", "Blood Is Just Memory", "Inverted Dream", "Psychic Anthropology" and "Violence Is The Sport Of God".

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