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Since its release in 1977 Bat Out Of Hell has gone on to sell an estimated 30 million copies and has become one of the top five biggest selling albums of all time. Released during the days of the disco boom and the advent of Punk Rock, Bad Out Of Hell totally bucked the musical trends of the day, yet as Meat Loaf recalls is "more honest than 99% of al records released".
The remarkable story of Bat Out Of Hell is told here by its leading contributors including Meat Loaf himself, composer Jim Steinman, record producer Todd Rundgren, and backing vocalists Ellen Foley and Karla De Vito together with others who helped in the construction of Bat Out Of Hell's "Wall of Sound".
Steinman and Meat Loaf first met when Meat auditioned in New York for a role in a Steinman musical. On firs seeing and hearing Meat Loaf, Steinman realized that he had found the voice and the personality to front the project that would become Bat Out Of Hell. The route to securing a record deal wasn't plain sailing as both Jim and Meat describe the audition process that led to them being rejected by dozens of labels who decidec that Bat Out Of Hell was "way too theatrical" to have any chance of being a sucess.

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