Muxes: Auténticas, intrépidas y buscadoras de peligro


Muxes: Auténticas, intrépidas y buscadoras de peligro

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A lively and surprising portrait of a group of homosexuals, who defend their sexual diversity while preserving their identity as Zapotec Indians in the "queer paradise" of Juchitan, Mexico. Winner of the Audience Award at the Morelia International Film Festival, MUXES (pronounced 'mooshays') examines transgressive boundary-pushing within an indigenous culture that has historically embraced this "third gender." On the sun-baked Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Mexico lies the town of Juchitan, whose population of indigenous Zapotecs have for centuries warded off numerous invasions to preserve their identity. Today, Juchitan has an additional, more notorious, identity, as a "queer paradise" famous for its Muxes, effeminate homosexual men whose socially defined role within the Zapotec culture pre-dates the advent of gay liberation. In this society, Muxes have traditionally filled the roles of sewing, cooking, preparation of celebrations and providing lifetime care for their parents. Likewise, the men we meet here are chefs, salon-owners, housekeepers and teachers, in addition to being inveterate fun-lovers and an acknowledged "outlet" for straight men in a culture that still values virginity in brides. However, all is not perfect in paradise, as director Alejandra Islas occasionally suggests in a frequently amusing way just how low the glass ceiling of acceptance might be for those who push too hard. The Muxes of Juchitan are proud of their identity, enjoy their lives, laugh at themselves as well as at "straight" society, and admit their own foibles freely. They call themselves "Authentic, Intrepid Seekers of Danger", and have banded together to lead the fight against AIDS in Oaxaca. They talk frankly about their experiences of acceptance and rejection, and their successes in finding freedom, love and delight in their special identity.

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5 de Maio de 2006
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