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Nat Turner Unchained, um projeto de filme independente baseado na história verídica de um escravo letrado que organizou a mais famosa rebelião na história dos EUA.

Snopse (em inglês)

The year is 1831. The place is Southampton County, Virginia. During the day Nat Turner slaves away in the corn fields, doing his master's bidding. He is owned as an article of property, abused and mistreated. But at night, like a chapter from the bible book of Ezekiel, Nat sees divine visions and hears the voice of God commanding him to attack his oppressors without mercy.

On Sunday August 21 Nat gathers together 6 other slaves loyal to his cause: Hark, Will, Jack, Nelson, Sam and Henry. They meet at an undisclosed location in the woods where Nat Turner exhorts them to begin the assault on their brutal slave masters, a devastating war to once and for all end slavery in America. The rebels travel from farm to farm ruthlessly slaughtering all whites they encounter, men, women and children alike. But things do not go exactly as Nat has planned. While Nat truly feels he is doing God's divine will each of his men have their own personal reasons for joining the black army. It is the difference between these reasons that will eventually tear the army apart.

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