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Nazareth: Homecoming - The Greatest Hits


Nazareth: Homecoming - Live in Glasgow

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"Live From Classic T Stage" was recorded in July 2005, as the cameras rolled the 5.1 Recording Studio "Classic T Stage" - Located at Shepperton Film Studios, UK. This DVD presents Scottish hard rockers Nazareth in top form, performing and recording a live session, wich inlcudes many of their Greatest Hits.
Year after year has been met by surprise for the band and Nazareth have lived it...the Rock'n'Roll, the ups and downs, the fmae and endless touring. There is an indeniable feeling of freshness to their outlook with evidence of a common camaraderie between band mates that is unique and an obvious ingredient in the longevity of their music career.
This live performance is stunning proof that Nazareth remain hot, tight and very, very loud - they perform with conviction and a passion for what they do.

Músicas deste DVD:

1- Hit the Fan
2- Open Up Woman
3- Miss Misery
4- Razamanaz
5- Kentucky Fried Blues
6- This Month's Messiah
7- Sunshine
8- Bad Bad Boy
9- Love Leads to Madness
10- My White Bicycle
11- Heart's Grown Cold
12- Shanghai'd in Shangai
13- Cocaine
14- Turn On Your Receiver
15- Changin' Times
16- Hair of the Dog
17- Love Hurts
18- Night Woman
19- This Flight Tonight

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