Ninja 6: The Last Iga Spy


Shinobi No Mono: Iga-yashiki

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"The 3rd year of Keian, 10 years after the Battle of Shimabara, the world is at peace, and Tokugawa rule seems eternal. But even after 3 generations of peace, the Shogunate which was built on the cold-hearted policy of taking land away from the people,. and ignoring their rivalries, had caused many to commit Seppuku, and sever all ties. Including Okazaki Saburo Nobuyasu, the Daimyo who perished under Tokugawa rule came to about 7,228,530. Then about 200,000 ronin became jobless and hopelss. Hard feelings grew against the Tokugawa Shogunate, and men carried their rusted spears day and night, and they became an ominous dark cloud in the world. "

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12 de Junho de 1965
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