Okaruto Tanteidan: Shi-Ningyô No Hakaba


Okaruto Tanteidan: Shi-Ningyô No Hakaba

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  • Occult Detective Club: The Doll Cemetery - Estados Unidos da América
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Out of curiosity, Nanami and Daisuke decide to join their high school's Occult Research Club. The odd group is a handful of weirdos and the group's leader, Shiratori, who purportedly has supernatural powers. They are currently investigating a 'curse' surrounding a student who committed suicide last year. An old doll found in the back of her closet may hold a clue. Daisuke is freaked out, whereas Nanami is intrigued, until she is possessed by the same spirit of the 'Doll' that drove the student to suicide. The group decides to investigate a cryptic spot called 'The Doll Cemetery', a wretched graveyard with piles upon piles of discarded mannequins and stuffed animals. Sensing intruders, the 'dead' dolls suddenly come to life. 'You won't leave here alive!' Nanami and the group desperately fight off ghoulish toy clowns and zombie dolls. But what awaits them was far worse.

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