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Um documentário visceral focando o coletivo do movimento artístico conhecido como NSK ('Neue Slowenische Kunst') e seus variados artistas: 'Laibach', 'Irwin', and 'Red Pilot'.

This great documentary about NSK`s work shows the whole organization in the conditions of second part of the 90`s, when communist regimes in eastern Europe ceased to exist. This film can be understood as a follow up of the first documentary about slovenian industrial rock band Laibach called "Laibach: Pobeda Pod Suncem" , but this time, you can see work of all sections united in the Neue slowenische Kunst collective (Laibach, Irvin, Rdeci pilot/Noordung, Novi kolektivizem, Department of pure and applied philosophy...). A must see for all, who are interested in NSK`s retrogardist artistic point of view, music or graphical design and who wants to understand the historical, cultural and political background of this exceptional art movement.

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