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Real Life

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Aris Kalliga is 27. He has returned to Athens after a long stretch in detox, to the decadent, superficial world he had left behind. His mother - ethereal, eccentric, manipulative, a mainstay of Athens society – lives with Christos, her devoted gardener, in an opulent villa which mirrors her spirit. Imposing, magnificent, yet shadowy, alive with dark secrets.

"We are what our families and lives make us. This is the subject of ‘Real Life’: no one escapes destiny. One way or another, the past always recaptures those who have tried to escape it."
Panos Koutras

As gorgeous as the society it portrays, “Real Life” offers a glimpse into the world of the idle and decadent elite of Athens, where the young and beautiful amuse themselves with the single-minded pursuit of their own pleasure. When one young man born into this maelstrom of privilege and vanity tries to break away from it all, he soon realizes how enmeshed he is in this self-indulgent, superficial world, his fate predetermined by class and his family’s dark history. - Dimitri Eipides, Toronto International Film Festival

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