Rolling Stones - European Tour Special 1973


Rolling Stones - European Tour Special 1973

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Various movies from the European Tour 1973

Title 1:
Live in Europe 1973 - IMP exclusive original edit
Various Super 8 shootings from the concerts in Mannheim, Cologne, Essen, Rotterdam & London 1973 with dubbed audio, new & reconstructed footage according to the songs

1. You can' t always get what you want
2. Dancing with Mr. D
3. Midnight rambler
4. Honky tonk women
5. Rip this joint
6. Jumping Jack flash
7. Street fighting man

Title 2:
Rolling Stones Express
Unreleased tour documentary film. Produced by RTL, Luxemburg. Including live footage from concerts in Brussels 1973 with dubbed audio

1. Opening
2. Silver train
3. Star Star
4. Angie

Title 3:
Dutch press conference 1973
Dutch TV press conference at Hotel Americain, Amsterdam (NL) 12.10.1973
Hosted by Elly de Waard with MJ, KR & MT.

1. Interview with MJ, KR & MT

Title 4:
Arrival at de Doelen 1973
Super 8 shootings around De Doelen for upcoming tour rehearsals, Rotterdam (NL) August 1973

1. Coming down again

Title 5:
Live in London 1973 sampler
A sampler of mega-rare super 8 shootings from concerts at Wembley Empire Pool, September 1973
with dubbed audio. IMP exclusive cool footage.

1. Gimme shelter

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