Saikou no Omotenashi



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Tategami Trading is a major general trading company. Its Sales Department is home to the Special Sales Division which is focused on business entertainment. Suzuki Chie (Imoto Ayako) heads a team of individualistic members. The sensual and cute Momokawa Nana (Honda Tsubasa) formerly with the Secretariat Division; information savvy single mother Fukui Yoshiko (Nekoze Tsubaki) who is quick to obtain all sorts of information, and Matsuo Shoichiro (Nakamura Yasuhi), a machinery enthusiast. An improbable division chief at the young age of 27, Chie is a professional at hospitality. She will memorise detailed data on clients and work out the best entertainment plans to move clients’ hearts. Then, there is Harima Hidetoshi (Kakei Toshio), the head of the Sales Department who is the one that set up this division and understands Chie well. One day, Nitta Akira (Kamiji Yusuke), who belongs to the same batch as Yoshiko, joins the Special Sales Division as a new member. He has veered from the fast track and even his dreams for his job have long disappeared. He is more demoralised that he has a younger boss, but … … Two formidable enemies of the Special Sales Division appear. One of them is Ayasaki Yuko (Takashima Reiko), the president of the first-class hotel Royal Match hotel, and the other is Muroki Koichiro (Takuma Shin), the president of Muroki Construction, a large construction company. Yuko is publicly seeking candidates to transfer the controlling interest of the hotel which she runs, and Tategami Trading is among the veterans clamouring after this. However, Yuko has imposed a complete ban on business entertainment within the company and is a tough party for the Special Sales Division. On the other hand, Muroki declares that he is unmoved by business entertainment and is well known for turning the tables on the party wining and dining. Furthermore, he appears to have been at odds with Chie in the past … … What kind of entertainment will Chie prepare for the two of them?

Estreia Brasil:
28 de Fevereiro de 2014
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