Scent of Love


戀香 / Lian Xiang

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An old legend tells of a story about two star-cross lovers who transcend life and death to find one another in their many reincarnations.

Since childhood, Cheng Tian has a recurring dream about a Japanese soldier who was in love with a Korean woman. However, their love was shunned by the society. Unable to be with her, he left to die in the war. Maybe it was because he couldn't fulfill the promise to love and cherish her always, he promised that he would find her again in their next life and give her unconditional happiness. The scent of her favorite Ballon Flower will lead him back to her.

In addition to recurring dreams, Cheng Tian has another unique ability. He has a doggy nose. His sense of smell is so sharp that it sometimes goes into overdrive. And, it always happens whenever Xiang Zi is around.

Xiang Zi is a beautiful, career-oriented woman and a hardcore alcoholic as well. She drinks when she is happy. She drinks when she is depressed. But despite her fierce dedication to alcohol, she has a younger guy falling head over heels for her. Cheng Tian is that unrelenting, naive idiot whose madly in love with Xiang Zi. He will do anything just to make her happy.

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