Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl


Samehada otoko to momojiri onna

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Kuroo Sameheda (Tadanobu Asano), a yakuza soldier, is on the run for his life after stealing from his Boss Sawada (Susumu Terashima). During a chase through the forest Sawada's car is struck by an SUV. Enter Toshiko Momojiri (Sie Kohinata) who is also on the run. She's running from her twisted whack job uncle Michio Sonezaki (Yohachi Shimida), who manages the hotel that she works at, and whose intentions for his niece are inappropriate to say the least. During the crash Toshiko is knocked unconscious and Sameheda is able to make good his escape with Toshiko in tow. The couple is then chased across Japan by gun crazy, deadpan gang members dressed in over the top, high end, fashion clothes. They are also being followed by Yamada, an amateur hit man, who was hired by Michio to bring Toshiko back.

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6 de Fevereiro de 1999
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