Show Me the Money (Season 1)


쇼미더머니 (Season 1)

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Show Me the Money (SMTM) is a South Korean television rap competition series held annually. First held in 2012, Show Me the Money has grown in popularity through its four seasons.

The concept of the show is to select a group of promising rappers from open auditions and whittle down that number through various assignments, with contestant survival dependent on the "producers," a group of experienced rappers who also serve as mentors. Eventually the rappers are divided into small teams headed by those producers. From there each contestant will face a different team's rapper in head-to-head single-elimination rounds where survival in the competition is dependent on votes from a live studio audience. In the third and fourth seasons, there was also a "Revival Round" in which contestants previously eliminated had a chance to continue in the competition.

The first season of SMTM was won by Loco, now signed to AOMG. This season comprised mostly amateur and underground rappers, The producers of the season were MC Sniper and the group Garion.

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