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Sonic Youth - Blood On The Beach


Sonic Youth - Blood On The Beach

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Though the existance of this video has been long debated, it does appear to have been released. It is a document of two Sonic Youth performances on November 8th, 1985 in Brighton Beach (a teaser of which appeared on the "Screaming Fields of Love" video compilation). It begins with footage of the afternoon show on the beach, "Brother James" "Inhuman" and "Making the Nature Scene". This is a particularly energetic performance, with a wonderfully violent take on each song. Next the band are briefly interviewed, discussing the Gila Monster Jamboree show and offering sarcastic responses when questioned about their "rock" sound. They spend some time blowing through a large horn-like device that is later utilized in the evening's performance. The Zap Club set follows, opening with then-new "Green Light" before ferociously burning thru "Brother James" "Kill YR Idols" "Flower" "I Love Her All The Time" "Ghost Bitch" "Burning Spear" and "Expressway". This is a fucking intense set and it's wonderful that a video document exists.

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