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Spoilers with Kevin Smith (a.k.a. Spoilers) is an original weekly series on Hulu that premiered Monday, June 4, 2012. The show, described as an "anti-movie review" show, is hosted by Kevin Smith and produced by Smith's SModcast Pictures. The series is filmed at "SModCo Studios", the upper floor of The Jon Lovitz Podcast Theatre at City Walk in Universal Studios Hollywood. It airs free of charge on Hulu's main feed.
Each week, Smith takes a group of approximately 40 people of varying ages (aka "The Spoilers") to see the release of a new movie. The Spoilers return to the "Jay & Silent Bob-atorium" in the studio to comment on the film, good or bad. This is the "anti-review" part of the show, as no true consensus is reached on the film in question; it is simply the opinions of the group of attendees, with a few comments and a brief summary thrown in by Smith. At the end of the show, Smith suggests not actually listening to the opinions put forward and going to see the movie yourself and form your own opinions, further pressing the "anti-review" angle of the segment.

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