Terra Formars


Terra Formars

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In 2599, Earth is in a serious state of overpopulation. Fortunately, scientists had sent extraordinary amounts of moss and cockroaches to Mars 500 years earlier, in order to render it fit for human life. While the results were relatively positive, the first attempt at colonization failed dramatically. The government is now preparing a second ultra-secret mission led by the unstable Ko Honda, whose hand-picked team is made up of criminals lured by the promise of freedom and a cash reward upon their return. They’ve allowed for a few genetic modifications, granting them the characteristics of various insects. Among the killers, yakuza and other hoodlums on board, Shokichi and his sister Nanao, both accused of murder, see this as their opportunity for a fresh start. But a big obstacle stands in their way — the roaches dispatched five centuries ago have evolved into gigantic, powerful humanoid creatures that have no intention of cooperating. From their very first encounter, th
e team will grasp just why Mars is known as the Red Planet…

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26 de Abril de 2016
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