Berlin Super 80


Berlin Super 80 - Music & Film Underground Berlin (West) 1978 - 1984

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A DVD-flashback of early 80s Berlin subculture featuring output by virtuosos of the city’s underground movie scene who rediscovered Super 8 as an adequate outlet for their creative endeavours.

Accompanied by a compilation of music, covering a huge range of styles and currents - from punk to ingenious dilettantes, this lavish package recalls the walled in city’s unique feel and lifestyle.

By no means a nostalgic review of times long gone, but rather an appraisal (with no claim to completeness) of a creative Berlin which to this day exerts its influence on German pop culture and beyond. Featuring “Die tödliche Doris”, “Einstürzende Neubauten”, “Malaria” and many others of the scene’s protagonists.

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