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Caterina va a Roma


Caterina va in cittài

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When her father, Giancarlo is transferred to Rome from the small country town of Montalto Di Castro, Caterina, a 12 years old girl, will discover her new classmates, a totally new world, an ambient extremely divided politically. She starts developing her friendship with the "left side", represented by Margherita, and the right, Daniela, side of her class. She will lose herself, without knowing who she really is. However, maybe Edward, the young Australian boy, who lives in the apartment across hers, can help her more that she thinks. Written by filippo-3

Caterina, who loves music, moves at 12 from the sticks to Rome where her parents must care for an invalid aunt. At school, her simple and direct ways make her appealing to two cliques: one led by Margherita, the Bohemian daughter of leftist intellectuals, and the other headed by the preppy Daniela, daughter of one of Berlusconi's ministers. Caterina's navigating a new city, a new school, new friends, the onset of puberty, and the cross-cutting politics of wealth, class, and ideology in Rome is complicated by her parents, each profoundly unhappy. What hope is there for someone who doesn't play the game?

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