Chun Ja's Happy Events / Chunja's Special Day


춘사네 경사났네 / 춘자네 경사났네

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Being a former bar lady, Hwang Chun-ja lives on a remote island where she runs a karaoke bar. She's also a single mom who raised her daughter Yeon Boon-hong. 24-year-old Boon-hong is a kind girl with a bright personality and she works at the public health center as a nursing assistant. Living with her immature mother whose fading beauty is making it hard for her to attract customers to her bar, Boon-hong maintains a positive outlook on life. One day she finds herself pregnant and abandoned by her boyfriend. She has never found happiness in her life and is na?e about relationships. She never loses hope for a better future even though her life is in the pits.

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19 de Maio de 2008
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