Claude Lanzmann: Espectros do Shoah


Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah

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In 1973, French journalist Claude Lanzmann began work on SHOAH, a film that would forever change his life. Twelve years later, having tracked down former SS officers, dozens of death camp survivors, and having shot more than 200 hours of footage, he finally completed his nearly 10-hour-long documentary masterpiece. In CLAUDE LANZMANN: SPECTRES OF THE SHOAH, the maverick filmmaker recounts the trials and tribulations he faced while creating his Holocaust magnum opus, as well as the weight it left him carrying. "I was proud of what I achieved... but it didn't relieve me from anguish," he recounts. "I made the film, but the film made me."

"A stunning revelation to both people who have seen SHOAH and people who have not" - The Toronto Star

"Fascinating... I was left wanting more" - The Globe and Mail

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15 de Abril de 2015
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