Dementes (5ª Temporada)


Twisted (Season 5)

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-The Other Brother
An unlikely killer is profiled in the fifth-season opener.
-The Blood Brothers
A 1979 crime spree in Richmond is recalled.
-The Cross-Dressing Cannibal
A cross-dresser is the main suspect in a pair of Maryland killings.
-The School Girl Killers
A seemingly perfect couple hide serious problems beneath the surface.
-The Killer Prophet
The murders of five California residents on Oct. 31, 1970, are recalled.
-The Black Panther
A former soldier plans crimes in London.
-The Hitch Hike Hunter
A serial killer who preyed on female hitchhikers in the 1970s is profiled.
-The Dark Marksmen
A 2005 killing spree in Phoenix is chronicled.
-The Gravedigger
A former gravedigger in Northern England becomes an elusive serial killer.
-The Speed Freaks
Recalling a 15-year killing spree perpetrated by two California friends.
-The Psychopath
A series of murders in 1970s London is recalled.
-The Sunset Slayers
Profiling two killers who prowled Los Angeles' Sunset Strip in 1980.

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