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Fubar: Balls to the Wall

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In this hysterical, crass and totally offensive comedy with a heart of gold, the Canadian cult comedy duo of Terry (David Lawrence) and Dean (Paul Spence) are on a mission to get loaded and wreak havoc.

Terry and Dean are unemployed, lazy and completely clueless relics from the headbanging era who spend their life drinking beer, smoking weed and cruising about in their '86 Cutlass Supreme. But when their old buddy and party leader, Tron (Andrew Sparacino) hooks them up with jobs in Fort McMurray's oil sands, the boys decide it's time to trade in their layabout ways for steady work and a pay check.

Despite a total lack of skills, before long, they are rolling in dough and good times. Flush with money and confidence, Terry starts dating Trish (Terra Hazelton), a promiscuous waitress from the local strip club and things get serious in a hurry.

Dean's loneliness leads to (more) drinking, drugs and hilariously painful attempts at defrauding worker's compensation. But being a 'banger means sticking together and it's up to Terry to stop his best friend from spiralling out of control.

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1 de Outubro de 2010
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