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Gang Lawyer


Yankee Bengoshi

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An up-and-coming young businessman comes out of a dubious pub. A girl is dumped in a corner of the pub like garbage. Her body is covered with bruises and a siren of an ambulance is nearing. The victim is Yuna, a cabaret club girl. The drunken girl claims to lawyer Toda, that she had been raped. Soon, Toda receives an anonymous note saying "The man you're about to sue is connected with politicians. You do know what this means, don't you? Don't stick your nose in this case." Toda gives advice to Yuna, that she will gain nothing by suing the assailant and that she should withdraw her suit. But Yuna refused to back down and reluctantly, Toda introduces her to a woman lawyer Ryoko. Ryoko who happened to be a senior of Yuna in a ladies motorcycle gang some time ago, stood up to help Yuma. But instead of suing the single assailant, she went for suing the men that were with the businessman for gang-rape. That's when the "loop of crime" begins. Who will the "Lady of Justice" smile upon?

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