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Ghiblies (ギブリーズ Giburiizu?) (pronounced with a hard 'G', as in the original Italian) is a 12-minute film which aired in 2000 during an NTV special about Studio Ghibli. It features the day-to-day activities of the characters that work at the fictitious Studio "Giburi," which happen to look a little bit like the staff at Studio Ghibli.
This production was intended to give the staff proper experience in the making of a complete work, and also to try out different digital production techniques which would have had little chance of being used in a major feature production by one of the two old masters, Takahata and Miyazaki.
Ghiblies has never been released commercially, though it is reported to be available on-line.
Ghiblies Episode 2 is a 25-minute theatrical follow-up which screened in Japan in 2002 on a double-bill with The Cat Returns. Ghiblies Episode 2 was released on the same DVD with The Cat Returns in 2003 in Japan.

Estreia Mundial:
8 de Abril de 2000
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