In the Pool

In za pûru

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Where contemporary neuroses meet unconventional therapy. A frenetic, offbeat comedic collaboration by Matsuo Suzuki, lead actor (Koi no Mon), Satoshi Miki, story and direction (The Fountain of Trivia) and Hideo Okuda, original story (trapeze). Patients with peculiar conditions clash head on with a twisted therapist in a bizarre, high-tempo comedy, resulting in "Ordinary People" on acid. The patients include a brash executive with a sneakily growing dependence on taking an after work swim, a male divorcee hampered by a constant erection, and a young female journalist with an obsessive-compulsive disorder. They seek medical help by turning to a lewd, obstreperous and hare brained shrink, Dr. Ichiro Irabu, whose crude and impromptu practices seem to have no medical or ethical foundation whatsoever. His patients, though wary of him, oddly find solace in the fact that he is worse off than they are, accepting his treatment with a certain resignation."

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